Medical Bills After an Accident Can Be Expensive

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Hi, kiddos! Woodruff the law dog is back. Today I am going to be talking to you about how expensive accidents can be. Did you know that it costs a lot of money to get medical treatment? If you get hurt on the playground at school, your parents will likely have to take you to the hospital. Going to the hospital can cost a lot of money.

The doctor will charge for the appointment, for the medicine they give you, and for any treatment they give you. For example, if you break your arm in an accident, the doctor will charge your parents money to fix your arm. Fixing your arm isn’t free! The cast costs money, as do the X-rays of your arm.

Why Do Parents Have to Pay Medical Bills After an Accident?

Doctors don’t work for free. That means that someone has to pay the doctor who is taking care of you. Sometimes, medical insurance will pay for some of the treatment. But, your parents will pay money for your treatment also. If your accident was not caused by you or by your parents, there might be a way to receive money to pay the medical costs.

Filing a Claim or Lawsuit for Your Accident

When someone caused your accident and injuries, that person might be required to pay for your medical bills. You could help your parents pay for these bills by telling them about your accident. Give them details as to what you think caused your accident. If your injuries were caused by someone else, that person might be required to pay your medical bills.

Your parents could try filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the person responsible. This is when your parents could receive money to pay for your medical bills because the court says so. The court might decide that you and your parents are owed money because you didn’t cause the accident that harmed you.

Legal Information for Kids from Woodruff the Law Dog 

Now you know your parents can receive compensation for a personal injury accident if someone else caused it. Make sure to tell your parents if you believe you were hurt because another person wasn’t being careful. If they were doing dangerous or unsafe things and those things led to your accident, your parents might be able to get help paying for your medical expenses.

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