What to Do if You’ve Been Hurt at School

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Kids often fluctuate between liking and disliking school for various reasons. Maybe you don’t care for rules or for math or maybe you are eager to see your best friend, but not so eager to see your strict teacher. Whether you like school or not, you probably don’t think about what it would be like to be hurt at school. If you are hurt at school, what should you do?

What to Do

One personal injury lawyer in San Diego suggests that kids should call their parents right away after being injured at school. They should also see a doctor right away. If you were hurt at your school, the school could be in trouble for not making sure you were safe. Not every accident or injury that happens at school is the school’s fault, but some may be and your parents will probably know if it is or not.

You should make sure to see a doctor right away after your accident at school to ensure that you get fixed up. Make sure that you tell your parents about your injury.

After Getting Help from a Doctor

After you tell your parents about your accident at school, make sure your parents write down details and collect evidence. If there were people who saw your accident, your parents should write down their names and statements about what they saw. That way, the witnesses’ statements can act as evidence if the school did do something wrong.

You may feel bad about getting the school into trouble, but they need to know what they did was wrong. If they caused you to be injured, they need to know what they did, too, so that other kids like you also don’t get hurt. 

In addition, your parents can get money to help pay for your injury and medical bills. Your medical treatment costs money, and it’s only fair that the person who caused your injuries should have to pay for them. If the school caused your injuries, they should pay for it. 

Woodruff the Law Dog Can Help

Woodruff the Law Dog is always here to help you kids understand legal problems. Being hurt at school can be scary. You also might not know what to do after you’ve been hurt. Now you know that you should call your parents, go to the doctor, and make sure your parents hold the school accountable for causing your injuries.


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